Bringing Clean, Affordable Energy Solutions to Off-Grid Communities in Tanzania
The field partner of Solaris Offgrid


More than 85% of Tanzanian households have no access to electricity. 

Solaris Tanzania provides affordable, safe and clean energy to off-grid ​communities in Tanzania; providing access to lighting, phone charging, communication, information and entertainment. 



Our range of bespoke Solaris products are tailored to rural households.

Our basic package includes solar panel, battery, charge controller and lighting - all of which is activated through PAYG - small, regular payments for up to 3years. 



Solaris Tanzania is based in Mwanza, and currently serves the Lake Zone Region.


Our customers range from families looking for a cheap, healthy source of electricity for their homes, to those looking to start a business such as a phone charging station or barber shop.

With Solaris, family life continues after dark!

Grow a business & save money on traditional fuels

Charge your phone in the comfort of your own home

A safe, healthy alternative to Kerosene and candles

Children can study at home after dark to help them succeed at school


Also find us at our shops in:

Sengerema ~ Katoro ~ Kahama ~ Musoma ~ Bunda ~ Mwanza

PO BOX 2882

Mwanza, Tanzania

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